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Back 4.28.2014

Sarah Haskins off to a Perfect Start

Sarah Haskins took last year off of racing to experience the birth of her first child, Caroline. Sarah and her husband Nate Korteum removed themselves from the race scene to take in and cherish every moment of the first few months with their daughter. But, this year they are back to business! Sarah has toed the line now three times, including today’s Olympic distance event, St. Anthony’s Triathlon. This one went the same as the first two, meaning that Haskins crossed the line first. 

A stacked field showed up to contest this race that has been a season opening favorite for over 30 years. But, none came as prepared as Sarah. Swimming at the front is one of the strengths that she is known for and today was not an exception. Exiting T1 with her long time friend Sara McClarty, they took no time to set a pace that few others could match. Haskins quickly found herself in the lead, trusting her Firecrest 404 and Super-9 disc on the rough city streets, and windy areas along the coast.  She maintained her lead on the bike, but was nowhere close to being able to relax. She had some of the fastest 10k runners in the sport close behind her.  And they knew that she was just returning to work from maternity leave. What they didn’t know was that she metered her power out on the bike perfectly, relying on her Quarq Elsa to keep her within her limits throughout the whole 40k ride. Exiting T2 Haskins threw down one of the fastest runs of the day, and cruised in to the finish chute with a new course record.

We were able to catch up with Sarah before this race and posted our interview here: She shared her thoughts on motherhood, returning to racing and her plans for the rest of the year. Which are quite exciting! I am not going to tell you what they are though, you have to watch the video. Enjoy!