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Back 7.22.2014

Expanded Decal Choices: Color is the New Black

These colors won’t run – they’ll fly. Customized your bike with Zipp decals in four new bold colors: Matte Blue, Matte Red, Matte Pink and Matte Green.

Inspired by our customers’ passion for their bikes, the new die-cut borderless decals provide a distinctive look to go with the distinctive sound and aero-advantage of Zipp wheels rolling at 45km an hour. Zipp’s Classic White and Beyond Black decals also are still available.


Each decal kit has seven decals sufficient to cover one wheel and two matching valve-hole decals. Think of them as fuel for your Firecrests. Sizes available for Zipp 202, 303, 404 and 808 model wheels. Zipp discs use 808-sized decals. (Images shown of 404 Firecrest.)

Available at your local bike shop or Zipp Store.

To find on Zipp Store click on:
Products >> Accessories >> Decals

MSRP $20, €18.50

Note: Before applying the decals, make sure the rim surface is free of dirt and debris we recommend a gentle wipe with acetone or rubbing alcohol. Peel the white backing sheet from the decal, orientate, position and gently press the decal onto the rim surface. Starting at one end, remove the surface clear cover slip and then work the decal into the dimples using a 3M® squeegee.

Watch Video on How to Replace Zipp Decals