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Meet 3x World Champ Chloe Dygert - Loud. Hungry. Fun.

Chloe Dygert is a 20 year-old cycling talent from Brownsburg, Indiana, who loves Michael Jackson, is a self-confessed neat freak, and would love to own her own cleaning business. The three-time World Champion sat down with us at her Sho-Air TWENTY20 team camp to talk about food, her goals, and her special relationship with Zipp wheels.

Photos © Brian Black Hodes Photography

Can you tell us something that no one knows about you such as a favorite hobby (art, cars, music), rituals?
Michael Jackson is my favorite performer. I also love Sylvester Stallone.
I’m a clean freak.
I’ve been told I’m a super taster.
I’m an eater. I like food.
I can push myself to intense levels of suffering, to the point of gagging or throwing up, which I regularly do.

Besides your riding gear, is there something you always take with you when you travel to races/camps?
My watch, Baby G, I never take it off. I have to know what time it is all the time. And I never change it (the time) when I travel.

What is your favorite food and drink?
Yellow curry with chicken and pineapple. Lemonade.

What three words describe you best?
Loud. Hungry. Fun.

What’s it like to be on the Sho-Air TWENTY20 Women’s Professional Cycling Team?
I’ve been on it for a while now (about 3 years) and I have so many special relationship with the team, sponsors, and management.

Tell us about your relationship with Zipp.
I grew up hating bikes, my family rode them all the time, including my Uncle Todd (who still works at Zipp). He had a pair of Zipp wheels, and he gave my brother a pair. I grew up always wanting the coolest stuff. So when my bro Gunnar got those wheels, I wanted a set. I thought if I got those wheels for my bike I might actually enjoy riding and I might actually start riding more. Then I got some 303’s and a pink sticker set for them. Yes!

When and how did you start riding?
Started riding heavy at age 16.

Who inspires you, in the sport or outside the sport?
I have a really special relationship with my Dad. When he is at the race it means so much to me, he has been so supportive, if not for him I could not have done junior worlds. My Dad is my inspiration, and just to see him happy is the best.

If you were not a Pro rider, what would you do?
My mom always thought I’d be a world famous tattoo artist. I would love to own my own cleaning business. I also love designing homes.

Where is your favorite place to ride?
Indiana. Love flats and I hate climbing.

What is your favorite race on the calendar?
I really don’t know.

Best and worst moment of the 2016 season?
Worst – throwing up with 500 meters to go at the World Championships in Doha, Qatar.
Best – Being in the Olympics with Sarah (Hammer) and Kristin (Armstrong). Seeing them both doing very well was awesome.

2017 season:
What are your goals for the year?
Win IP (Individual Pursuit) at Track World’s, Time Trial at Pan Am’s and US Nationals, and Time Trial World’s.

What do you like about your SRAM RED eTap groupset?
What don’t I like about it? It’s amazing.

What advantages does eTap offer to you?
It makes shifting so amazing. With eTap if you start in the wrong gear for a Time Trial you can shift from either (base bar or extensions) position, and not have get into your TT (aero) bars until your up to speed, it’s amazing.

Zipp wheels
What do you like about Zipp wheels?
They’re the coolest, they’re special. When you’re just getting into cycling it’s the first thing you want, the first thing you ask for.

Which Zipp wheels do you prefer to ride?
- Road: All of them (202’s through 808’s) but depends on the course and conditions.
- Track: Double disc for any pursuit.
- Time Trial: Super 9 Disc rear, 404 or 808 front, depending on hills.

If you were an amateur, would you ride Tubular or Clincher wheels?

Disc brakes:
What experiences have you had with disc brakes?
I definitely love disc brakes, and I love the showstopper brake track (Zipp’s carbon brake track technology), but discs are the way to go.