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Bikes of Zipp – Engineer Todd Winget Goes Old School

Todd Winget’s titanium Paramount frame is a sort of rolling Zipp timeline. Its history is intertwined with Winget’s own story as one of Zipp’s longest serving employees.

All photos by Joe Vondersaar 

The circa 1998 tig welded titanium Paramount frame is built with a carbon 2005 Zipp 300 Crankset, 2006 Zipp 202 Tubular wheels, and a 2008 SRAM RED groupset. This isn’t just an old-school keepsake – it’s his regular road bike.

“I like good equipment. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bike or a lawn mower. I don’t mind spending for the really nice stuff. But then I’ll ride it until it’s not serviceable,” said Winget, a Zipp manufacturing engineer. “I couldn’t have had a custom bike made that would have fit any better. Just the top-tube length, the way it steers and feels, it’s just dead on for me.”

As so many bike industry careers do, Winget’s long career at Zipp began with a job at a local bike shop. Back in the late 1980s, Winget was working in an Indianapolis shop when Zipp founder Leigh Sargent stopped by to buy rear hubs as he developed early Zipp disc wheels.

“I struck up a conversation with him and ended up visiting his shop,” Winget said. “I kept in touch with him.”

Winget called Zipp a couple of years later and was invited down for an interview. He was chided for wearing khakis and a button-down shirt with a tie at a time when the executive attire in the Zipp office was shorts and Hawaiian shirts. But Winget got the job, joining Zipp in spring 1992.

He started out working in customer service. Winget also built wheels and assembled bikes for Zipp’s sponsored athletes and for special events such as photo shoots. He picked up the Paramount frame, returned because of a cosmetic blemish, around 1998 from an industry friend in Colorado.

When Chicago-based SRAM announced it was acquiring Indianapolis-based Zipp in late 2007, Winget realized the frame would be perfect to outfit with a new 2008 SRAM RED groups along with Zipp wheels and cranks.

Winget’s Paramount stands out amid the cutting-edge fleet of bikes in Zipp’s Indianapolis facility.

“Upstairs in the engineering area, they typically have stuff that nobody ever might see,” Winget said of prototype testing. Downstairs is staffed with sales, marketing, and customer and dealer support. “The job is to promote and support product. There’s new stuff all of the time.”

Winget remains fascinated with all of those innovations. Yet his Paramount, which has endured crashes and many miles, retains its allure. “It’s the best fitting, best riding, nicest bike,” he said.

Bike Specs

Frameset: Paramount titanium

Wheels: 2006 Zipp 202 Tubulars

Crankset: 2005 Zipp 300

Groupset: SRAM RED 10-speed with SRAM Force front derailleur

Handlebar tape: SRAM Super Cork

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