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Five Things to Know About the New Zipp 302

Zipp engineers took a new approach in developing the 302. The wheel has a different look, manufacturing process, and price point than our Firecrest or NSW wheel product lines. Available in rim or disc-brake versions, the 302 – with its 45mm rim depth – is designed as a high-performance, all-around carbon clincher wheelset that fits a wide variety of riders’ needs. Here are five things to know about the Zipp 302 and its development.

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The 302’s 45mm rim profile has proven to be “sweet spot” for all around riding as proven by the 303, with the same depth, in the Spring Classics. Think flat wind-swept terrain, punchy hills, and prolonged climbs. This is a do-it-all wheel.


The 302 takes advantage of that relatively shallow rim profile to provide ride stability and low side force, while the streamlined shape aims to benefit road cyclists by cutting losses due to aero drag.


The new 76/176 (76D/176D for disc-brake version) features the same internals as the 77/177 used in Firecrest.


Sapim CX Sprint J-bend spokes and brass nipples provide increased durability and stiffness while still maintaining an overall light weight. This is designed as an everyday wheelset that’s also perfect for “race day” special occasions.


On-road testing of the 302 comprised 30,226 miles (48,644 kilometers) with 660,000 feet (201168 meters) elevation over 1,681 hours. Feedback from test riders helped guide engineers to refine the final design including the features described above. 

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