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Back 7.10.2017

Triathlon Gear Tweaks Big and Small

In long-distance triathlon, small gains add up. Having your equipment dialed in can help free your mind to give your best effort out on course. We’ve assembled a few ideas and product suggestions to help you be organized and efficient during your training and, most importantly, on race day:

Hydration, Info, and Aero Efficiency In One Place

Horizontally mounted BTA (between the arms) hydration systems are aerodynamically efficient by placing the bottle within the pocket between the aerobars and the rider. The Zipp Vuka Alumina BTA Quickview Mount ($68, €70, £59) and Vuka BTA Carbon Bottle Cage ($79, €80, £68) does just that while also placing the head unit within easy view for tracking vital data.

Race Day Organization
Small things can cause big stress on race day including a misplaced visor, having only one arm warmer, or forgetting your favorite gels. The Zipp Transition 1 Bag ($173, €177, £150) that features separate compartments for clothing, shoes, helmet, and small items keeps you organized before and after your race (or training) ride. The bag also easily converts from backpack to duffel bag with its included shoulder strap.

Proper Bike Fit is Crucial
Zipp aerobar systems, whether they’re built around the Vuka Aero integrated system or the new Vuka Clip, are designed to have high adjustability to help every rider achieve optimal fit. A visit to your local bike shop with a fit studio (find your local Zipp dealer) can optimize your position on the bike for efficiency, comfort, and aerodynamics. After all, a position is not aero if you can’t remain in it consistently through your bike leg. Use the free Vuka Fit software tool to translate your fit coordinates onto your bike.


Top disc brake photo by BrakeThrough Media, bottom by Jered Gruber

Start Thinking About Disc Brakes
Disc-brakes are coming to triathlon (listen to ZippCast podcast on disc brakes). Actually, they’ve already arrived. One of our favorite social media hashtags is #discdisc, which we used when we launched our Super-9 Disc-brake Disc wheels. Our most popular deep section wheels, the 404 Firecrest Disc-brake and 808 Firecrest Disc-brake, now are available in disc-brake versions. We also offer the 454 NSW Carbon Clincher Disc-brake wheelset. SRAM just introduced the S-900 Aero HRD Disc brake, the first aero hydraulic brake lever. Better braking means faster splits.