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Back 10.16.2018

Zipp Clear Choice in Kona

Zipp is honored to be the No. 1 wheel brand for all competitors at the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. In fact, Zipp has been the top wheel choice since the annual Kona bike-spec count began in 2006
This year, professional and age-group athletes rode 1,609 Zipp wheels in Kona. The No. 2 wheel brand had 385 wheels. Zipp has held that advantage even as the number of wheel brands has exploded over the years. For example, this year the Kona wheel spec count included 35 specific carbon wheel brands. By comparison, the first Kona wheel count in 2006 included just 11 specific wheel brands. Zipp’s most cutting-edge aero wheelsets, the 454 and 858 NSW, also are quickly gaining use among the world’s top age-group triathletes.

This year, more than 2,400 athletes competed at the Ironman World Championships. Among them are the world’s top professional as well as the fastest age-group triathletes from across the globe. 
To all of our customers and athletes, we humbly say mahalo.