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Five Facts on Zipp Showstopper

Zipp’s proprietary Showstopper™ rim-brake technology comes standard on 303, 404, and 808 NSW® and Firecrest® Carbon Clincher rim-brake wheels. While Zipp is best known for designing rims for aero efficiency and crosswind stability, Showstopper provides cyclists with greater stopping power and speed modulation. Zipp Showstopper:



Increases stopping power and better dispersion of the water from braking surface thanks to the 317 grooves on each side of the wheel.



Delivers equal braking force in wet conditions when compared to industry leading aluminum rims.


Is made using Zipp’s proprietary heat-resistant resin to manage heat buildup on long descents.



Was originally developed to provide our road pros with better braking for Paris-Roubaix, especially in wet conditions. Now it’s available to everyone.

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Makes it easy to ensure that Zipp 454 and 858 NSW rim-brake front wheels are installed in the correct directional orientation.