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Super-9 at the Pinnacle of Zipp’s Search for Speed

The Zipp Super-9 Disc is the go-to speed weapon for our professional cyclists in time trials and team time trials and also for our professional triathletes.

The Zipp Super-9 Disc is our most aerodynamically efficient wheel we sell. Period. Zipp engineers strive to produce light weight wheels, however, we’ve also always worked under the principle that aero beats weight most all of the time when you’re trying to go fast on a bike. See earlier post on a mathematical approach to the aero vs. weight debate.


The Zipp Super-9 Disc underscores this point. In the years since its introduction, the Super-9 supplanted the lighter weight competing disc as the go-to speed weapon for our sponsored professional triathletes and cyclists. The Super-9 Carbon Clincher, first released in 2012, offered triathletes and time trialists the lower rolling resistance of ease of use of clincher tires. The latest example of the Super-9 Carbon Clincher’s success was CANYON//SRAM Racing’s triumph in last month’s UCI Team Time Trial World Championship(s). We do offer the Zipp 900 Disc as a lighter weight option, but we encourage you to consider the data below.

CANYON//SRAM Racing's team time trial world title this year came on Zipp's special 30th anniversary Super-9 Discs. These discs pay tribute to the colors of the first Zipp discs in 1988.

Below are test data on the Super-9 Disc from Zipp’s engineering team:


The above graphs are from full-bike tests comparing rear wheels with 24mm tires (Previous model disc vs. Super-9 rear). In each case, the Super-9 was the fastest wheel. This hold true even with a 19mm tire size matched to the narrower previous model disc, according to testing.

The testing revealed that Super-9 was faster than a baseline (slightly lighter) disc wheel in each case. There is about a 1 to 3 watt advantage for the Super-9, depending on wind conditions. Windier courses will increase the advantage of the Super-9 over the previous model disc. Also, because it is available as the Tubular or Carbon Clincher, the Super-9 opens up tire choice immensely. Clincher tires are consistently more aero than tubular tires, especially in windy conditions. The Super-9 Carbon Clincher also is available in rim- or disc-brake versions.

CANYON//SRAM Racing’s Alice Barnes and Elena Cecchini with their personalized 30th anniversary Zipp Super-9 Disc wheels. Zipp is offering personalized anniversary disc wheels for customers in the United States buying directly from

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