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Back 3.1.2008

Zipp wheels win big in New Zealand

Winners in the recent 24th Bonita NZ triathlon benefited from their Zipp wheels in both the men’s and women’s events at Taupo. Cameron Brown riding a sub9 read disc and 808 front finished 6 minutes and some, well ahead of Belgian Frederik Van Lierde to win his 7th title.

Photo credit: Steve Knowles, sportzhub

Joanna Lawn (Zipp 404 808) hung tough to run past Australian Kate Bevilaqua (also riding Zipp wheels) with 5k to go after these two had run side by side for 10k. This was a record 6th consecutive win for Jo Lawn.

Kristin Armstrong (USA) Cervelo Lifeforce Pro Cycling Team took the lead in the NZ women’s tour also winning on Zipp wheels. Kristin won her second stage victory in the time trial race, finishing 10 seconds ahead of her team-mate Karin Thürig.