Tangente High Performance Cork Brake Pad

Zipp® developed the Tangente™ High Performance Cork Brake Pad as a response to the intense heat caused by braking on carbon. These pads are designed for our carbon rims and employ a composite cork polymer to reduce glazing and offer consistent brake response. As a result, the Tangente cork pad avoids the brake pulsation produced by residue buildup from rubber pads and can even eliminate pulsation from rims with previous buildup.

Even though the mainstay silver Tangente Platinum Pro Evo Brake Pad is designed to perform better across all riding conditions, we realize there remain fans of the smooth consistent feel of cork.

Tangente High Performance Cork Brake Pad’s unique shape places more material in the front of the pad to improve durability and shed water. Although the composite material wears similarly to low-temperature rubber compounds, the Tangente cork pad lasts longer than most rubber carbon-specific pads because of its shape and 0.5 mm greater overall thickness.

Available in packs of two.

Select Shimano®/SRAM® or Campagnolo® styles

The Tangente pad may be used on any tubular or clincher rim with a carbon braking surface, but it should never be used on aluminum braking surfaces.


ZIPP Tangente High Performance Cork Composite Brake Pad Inserts for Carbon Rims - SRAM®/Shimano® - 1 Pair:
$42 / €43

Game changer for carbon wheel owners  October 2009 [pdf]

If you ride carbon wheels, (we tested ours on Zipp 202s), there is no reason to use any other pad.  –Richard Cunningham, Road Bike Action