When Aerodynamics Get Personal




Note: Production of the Zipp VukaAero ended in 2012. Zipp will continue to provide ongoing support for this product through our normal sales/service channels. 

See the Zipp Vuka Stealth as an alternative.

In cycling's constant struggle against physical and mental limits, you need to find the ideal setup for the most important piece of equipment: you. But the fastest position that balances aerodynamics, power output and comfort can be elusive. That’s why Zipp® created the VukaAero. It’s a full-carbon integrated aerobar that optimizes the aerodynamics of the bar itself while allowing the widest possible range of adjustment.

To fine-tune your fit, the VukaAero is the only integrated aero bar that allows four axes of adjustment of the extensions: fore-aft, vertical, rotational and angular. The armrests may be spaced at three standard widths or a multitude of positions with the optional wings. Integrated full-carbon brake levers mimic the position, shape and even the grippy texture of standard brake hoods.

The VukaAero does away entirely with the drag-inducing clamps and bolts that protrude from other fully adjustable aero bars. Internal compression sleeves secure each extension with a single hollow bolt that’s also the point of exit for the internally routed shifter cable. The VukaAero’s base bar can be rotated /- 2.5 degrees without a noticeable effect on aerodynamics.

It measures 42 cm, weighs 750 g (without extensions), and is compatible with any of our three VukaExtensions (straight, ski-tip, chicane) or VukaShift extensions (chicane) (available in three versions to fit Zipp® VukaR2C™, SRAM® R2C and most Shimano® shifters). Extensions are NOT included with the product.

There are two incompatible versions of the brake lever. The early version did not have a return spring and has a notch just ahead of the pivot hole. (see alternative view for comparative image).

Note: Not compatible with Shimano® Dura-Ace 7900 brake calipers. Not compliant with the UCI's 3:1 aspect ratio rule.


$870 / €778

Sizes (out-out) 42cm
Clamp Width 60.0mm
Weight 860g
Clamp Diameter 31.8mm with supplied shims or 26.0mm without shims
Clip Compatible Integrated
Extension Shape Customer choice - not included
Extension Diameter
Max 22.2mm
Min 22.0mm