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When it comes to handlebars, tried and true aluminum remains the material of choice for many pros. In part, that’s because their bikes have to meet a minimum weight requirement. But that means aluminum bars such as the Service Course® SL have to meet the fit, durability and performance standards of teams such as Team Exergy TWENTY12 and Cannondale prepared by

The Service Course SL is produced using our proprietary ZTL-71 alloy and intricate internal butting processes to achieve a weight of 285 g (44 cm) with superior strength and rigidity. It features a classic look with round cross-sections throughout and is available in the same comfortable Short & Shallow or Traditional Bend shapes as our carbon bars. What's more, the drops are angled outward by 2 degrees to reduce wrist strain.

Every piece in the Service Course SL line is available in the standard gloss black with white logos, as well as a new Beyond Black color scheme with laser-etched black logos for a stealthy look.

This bar is discontinued


$120 / €107

Weight (42 cm) 280g
Sizes (out-out) 40, 42, 44, 46cm
Clamp Width 40cm/120, 42/140, 44/160, 46/180mm
Traditional Bend Yes
Clamp Diameter 31.8
Short-Shallow Bend Yes
Clip Compatible Yes
Max Brake Lever Torque 8NM
Max Torque Clamping to Bar 8NM
Drop style SS and TB
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Spanish-language Triathlon magazine featured Zipp®'s Service Course® SL line of bars, stems and seatposts. The item describes Service Course SL as high quality compoments at affordable prices.

Service Course SL components featured  January 2012 [pdf]

Spain's Ciclismo a Fondo magazine on a page of product features highlights Zipp®'s Service Course® SL bars, stems and seatposts. The item describes Service Course SL as combining an elegant design, light weight and excellent rigidity.

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