Integration is a Good Thing


Instead of bolting the shifter onto an assembly that plugs into the aero extension, why not just bolt the shifter onto the extension itself? That’s the simple idea behind the VukaShift™.
This designs saves up to 80 g by eliminating the use of expansion bolts inside the extensions. By moving the shift levers as much as 30 mm closer to your hands, the VukaShift eases wrist strain and keeps your hands in the fastest aero position as you shift into the 11.

The VukaShift extensions use our chicane shape and weigh approximately 120 grams per pair. The straight portion is 180 mm long.

Notes: The VukaShift is currently available for "standard" bar-end shifters. A new version compatible with the Zipp® VukaR2C™ shifter is also available.

VukaShift extensions are not recommended or designed for other bars or clips than Zipp's, as the diameters may not give the correct grip.
Guidelines For Cutting The Extensions
• The extensions are marked on the underside in 1 cm increments with half centimeter increments shown with smaller lines. A minimum of 3 cm of extension must be inserted into the VukaBull body to avoid damaging the extensions. This means that a minimum of six marks (three large and three small) must be inserted into the bar after the bars are cut to length.
• If more than 4 cm of extension need to be removed, we recommend removing in 2-3 cm increments to avoid overcutting of the extensions.
• The extension should be wrapped in masking tape at the point where it will be cut and cut with a composite or FRP specific hacksaw blade. The masking tape will help ensure that the cut is clean and no jagged fibers lift off of the part.
• Housing diameters are 4 mm for SRAM® and 5 mm for Shimano ferrules.

Warning: Do NOT cut anything from the front end of these Shifters.


$200 / €179

Length max 337mm, min 247mm
Diameter external 22.0mm 0.05mm -0.15mm
Rise from Horizontal 41mm
Extension Shape Chicane
SRAM/Zipp R2C 114 ( +/-4)g
Shimano 125 ( +/-6)g
"Excellent Concept and Execution. Bravo, Zipp"  February 2011 reviews the Zipp VukaShift here.

VukaShift Extensions User Manual [pdf]  

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VukaShift Extensions User Manual [pdf]  

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