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Hagens Berman Axeon’s Bjerg on his Wet and Wild TT Triumph in Yorkshire


Photo by Getty Sport

Mikkel Bjerg just completed the hattrick of U23 time trialing—three straight world titles, the final one coming this week in Yorkshire. The Dane, still only 20, optimizes the Hagens Berman Axeon ethos to #PROVEIT through consistent effort and development as a racer seeking to reach a top professional team. Bjerg has a contract to race for UAE Team Emirates, a WorldTour team.

Below is a short interview we conducted with Bjerg the day after his Yorkshire time trial victory:

How were the conditions for the time trial?

The conditions were…special, I’d say. For sure it was some of the worst weather I’ve ever ridden in.


Photo by Getty Sport

Did you have to change tire pressure?

In the end, I went with 80 psi. I was supposed to go with 85 if the surface was just wet, but it was more than wet. There was so much water.

You were racing Super-8 and 858 front? Is that your typical setup?

Yes, for the last two seasons.

How do you like riding 1x on your TT bikes?

I’ve done some testing, and aerodynamics-wise it gives a really big advantage. With SRAM 1x, it’s the only groupset that offers that as standard, so I think it’s a really good group for TT.


What are your plans for the hour record? Are you still thinking about that?

Yes, I’m doing a lot of practice attempts for an attempt at the Danish record on October 6. I’ll ride a Super-9 in the back and a 900 in the front.


What does winning three world championships mean to you?

It was really important, this last one. My season this year hasn’t been super great. But I think I managed to pull off some really good shape here in the end, and I’m the best that I’ve ever been now. I’m really happy.