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New on ZippCast: Squid Bikes co-founder Emily Kachorek


Squid Bikes co-founder Emily Kachorek talks with ZippCast about bringing a bit of surf and skate culture to bike riding. She was a pro racer but emphasizes for fun and creative side of cycling, and that includes pick-up races. We chatted with Emily while she was in Yorkshire, England, helping to lead group rides for SRAM.


Emily Kachorek with Squid co-founder Chris Namba.

“The Squid style is all about the fact that we are all grown adults riding bikes for fun, and riding bikes is fun. It should be fun, and we really want our equipment to reflect that. They are instruments and tools for us to go out and enjoy being with our friends, exploring new places and challenging ourselves and just having fun on our bikes. Aesthetically, we were really inspired by surf and skate culture in terms of wanting the bikes originally to look like the bottom of surf boards and skateboards.”


“We are a handmade bike company. You have to be pretty deep in the cycling culture, I feel like, to really even know about Squid—people who are really rooted into the community and want something a little bit different and want a bike that they are probably going to have for a really long time.”

“With cyclocross you’re spending a lot of time on the dirt. You are constantly getting better at actually riding your bike. Every single year I can look back and say, ‘I’m better at riding my bike than I was the year before that."


Photos by Jo Jo Harper

Learn more at or on Instagram @SquidBikes


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