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Ready for New Zipp Wheels? Your Local Zipp Dealer Can Help You ‘Trade In and Speed Up’


If you’re already rolling on Zipp wheels, we wanted to thank you…. And offer you a unique opportunity to upgrade to new Speed Weapons.

It’s as easy as visiting your authorized Zipp dealer and taking part in the new “Trade In, Speed Up” program.

Under the “Trade In, Speed Up” program, authorized Zipp dealers in the United States simply create an account through our third-party partner, The Pro's Closet. Shop customers then provide their specific wheel model and are given a premium offer. If accepted, that dollar amount is discounted off the sale of new Zipp wheels from that dealer. The sale of those pre-owned Zipp wheels is then handled by The Pro’s Closet, which specializes in selling pre-owned bikes and the highest quality pre-owned parts and accessories. The program is for Zipp carbon wheels in the United States only. The Zipp warranty for the original owner does not carry over.

The “Trade In, Speed Up” approach increases the ease and convenience for Zipp customers who are spared the hassle of selling wheels themselves as they upgrade their wheels.

According to The Pro’s Closet, the trade-in value is determined by the specs of the customer's existing Zipp wheels and varies from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. The customer’s old wheels will be inspected, cleaned, and serviced by The Pro's Closet and backed by their industry-leading quality assurance for pre-owned cycling products.

“Each new generation of Zipp wheels is more effective at achieving our mission statement: making you faster,” Zipp Brand Manager Declan Doyle said. “The new ‘Trade In/Speed Up’ program is a perfect way to help cyclists upgrade their rides with new Zipp Speed handmade in Indianapolis, while they trade in their pre-owned wheels through a trusted channel.”


Available in the United States only.