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Relentless Hunt for Vintage Zipp Rekindles Boyhood Dreams


Photo by Chris Bradley

Brooklyn bike shop owner Shawn Wolf collects old-school Zipp like it's fine art from a golden era. Brightly colored Zipp gear adorns his King Kog Shop as well as his @Shawn182 Instagram feed. In fact, Shawn is obsessed with the neon, crazy innovations of cycling from the late 1980s to mid-90s, when he was a small kid on a BMX bike. He was first exposed to Zipp Speed Weaponry growing up in Indiana. But his affection goes beyond just Zipp. He also loves old Serotta bikes and the U.S. powerhouse Coors Light pro cycling team that rode them.

As you will hear in this episode of ZippCast, Shawn wonderfully ties the past in with the present when it comes to studying and appreciating cycling technology.


Edited excerpts:

What is it about the Zipp 2001 that has made it so iconic?

Shawn Wolf: “When I first saw photos of it, it just looked like, I mean the name lends itself to the whole idea of the space-age technology, ridiculous futuristic bike. Aside from the tech, it just looks amazing, so unique. It’s unmistakable.”

You’re an Indiana native, but what drew you to start collecting vintage Zipp?

“You go to any race in Indiana and half of the field is racing on Zipp wheels, whether they are really fast or just trying to be like the fast group. The fast group was riding Zipp wheels back in the day and that meant that you were a real racer. I was just a kid, I couldn't afford this gear. My love for Zipp wheels was growing up seeing these people racing on these high-end carbon wheels and basically not being able to have it. I wanted it but it seemed to always be out of reach.”


Photo courtesy Shawn Wolf/King Kog

What unique bikes do you have?

“One of the most unique bike I have ever owned, I would say, is a dual 650 soft ride Serotta-made track frame. It’s a crazy looking bike. I mean, it sits in my shop now and it gets a ton of comments, almost as much as the 2001. It’s a real crazy bike. It has a rear 650 Zipp track discs, a front 400 bolt-on Zipp wheel with a high-vis yellow decal that matches the high-vis yellow frame, which is from the Serotta Coors Light team, which is still iconic to this day.”


Photo by Chris Bradley


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