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Zipp Engineer Dave Schweikert on His 376-mile Roundabout Ride

Last September, Zipp Quality Engineer Dave Schweikert spent 24 hours riding his bike around a single roundabout in Carmel, Ind. He covered an astounding 376.4 miles. Dave loves coming up with personal ultra-cycling challenges as fundraisers for World Bicycle Relief. To end our 2019 ZippCast season, we sat down with Dave to talk about his mindset and passion for ultra-cycling.

Listen below:

Edited Excerpts and Photos of Dave’s 376-mile Roundabout Ride

What was your bike set up?

I played with the idea of having an unequal left crank because I was always stretching my right leg. I tested that and I finally decided not to do that. I just felt that it was a little bit risky, and I could adjust my seating position on the bike. Aside from the disc wheel, it was pretty much my standard road set up with Force eTap AXS with a 454 front, and Zipp aero bars, which were a lifesaver. It’s impossible to do these long rides without clip-on aero bars on the road bike. I’m lower and it just helps for comfort.

For ultra-riding, have you found certain tough points you have to know you’re going to have to get through? When do those come? How do you get through them?

The limiting factor, I think, over everything becomes sleep. I’ve ridden 376 miles around the roundabout. That was the longest ride I’ve done, but I’ve done 24-hour rides just going out and riding. I’ve ridden through the night sometimes. I’ve found that even when I do those multiple days in a row that if I stop, get a little water, even if I’m bonking, taking just a few minutes just to walk and stretch, I can keep going.

Tell us a bit about your job here at SRAM?

Before SRAM, I spent 20 years in the automotive industry. I had the opportunity to come here seven years ago in quality. For a lot of us, it is a dream come true. It’s combining our hobby and our professional career. Our customers and athletes expect the best. They have every right to set high expectations. So the bar is high for us. Not a day goes by where I’m not challenged at work. There is a lot of good competition out there and our customers expect the best, and our goal is to deliver it for them.

Below are photos from Dave's roundabout ride along with documents he used to track his progress and nutrition and to motivate himself.