Campy 11 Technical Bulletin

Model Year 2005 – 2008 year Zipp Wheels with 82/182 or 108/208 hubs, as well as Campagnolo compatible disc wheels with blue freehub bodies, can be adapted to fit Campagnolo 11-speed drivetrains.

To retro fit your hub, please contact your Zipp Dealer and ask them to order a .25mm spacer (Zipp part number 11.2100.060.000). Please place this between the freehub body and hub body bearing. Your hub should already have 1 spacer in it. You will need a total of 2 as in the picture below. Instructions for assembly/disassembly of the 82/182, 108/208, and Disc hubs are below.

Campy 11

Hub Disassembly:

  • To disassemble the rear hub, insert a 5mm Allen key in each end of the axle, and turn opposite each other (standard right-hand threads).
  • Unthread and remove the left-hand end cap.
  • Slide the freehub body and axle out of the main hub shell.
  • Be sure NOT to lose the .25mm washer that fits between the freehub body and hub shell! You need this as well as the second one in order to use Campy 11.

Hub Reassembly:

  • Insert the axle/cassette body assembly into the hub shell,
  • Make sure that both of the .25mm washers are between the freehubbody and hub body.
  • Push the three pawls down with your fingers and rotate the cassettebody counterclockwise as it is inserted.
  • Thread on the end cap, being sure not to cross thread it. Insert a 5mm Allen key into the drive side (right), and a torque wrench with a 5mm bit into the non-drive side (left).
  • Hub assembly torque is 88 lb.*in. for the rear hub.
  • If you don’t have a torque wrench on hand, use a standard 5mm key and torque until the tool leaves a slight impression in your hand. If the hex key begins to twist in the endcap or strip the broach, you are using way too much torque!

As always if you have any question please feel free to call our technical specialists at Zipp at 1-800-472-3972.