Track Axle Conversion

188 11 Speed Track / Road Axle Conversions

Converting from track to road - 11 speed version

See the track axle assembly diagram

Note: The 11 speed 188 track axle and road axle assembly kits are different and not compatible with the older silver flanges of the 10 speed 188 Super-9 track disc and road disc axle assemblies (2010-2012)

11.2100.108.000 - Road axle conversion kit SRAM/SHM for 11 speed discs or 11.2100.109.000 - Road axle conversion kit Campy for 11 speed discs

1 x 2mm hex key
2 x 8mm hex keys
1 x 15mm flat spanner
1 x 19mm flat spanner
1 x track lock ring wrench

  1. Remove the disc from the drops by loosening both the 8mm silver track axle hex bolts (8), turn in opposite directions
  2. Undo the track lock ring using a track lock ring wrench, remove the track cog and replace the carbon thread ring cover
  3. Undo the 2mm set screw in the clinch nut (1) on the non-drive side and unthread the clinch nut, retain the clinch nut (1) and the red seal and shield (2) for use with the road axle conversion kit (shared parts)
  4. Using a 19 mm flat wrench, undo the inner knurled washer (6) from the non-drive or threaded side of the disc – use a 15mm flat wrench to hold the axle (4)
  5. Remove the track axle (4) by pulling on the drive side and slide the axle from the disc hub
  6. Insert the road axle assembly, hold the pawls in until the free hub engages with the ratchet ring in the disc hub, replace the red seal and shield, thread and adjust the clinch nut by turning until snug then back off 1/8 turn and tighten the 2mm set screw in the clinch nut.
  7. Reassemble the track axle including inner and outer knurled washers and 6mm silver track axle bolts – store this in a safe place for later use with the track cog.

Converting from road to 11 speed track.

11.2100.107.000 Conversion kit disc 11 speed to track 188 black hub
1 x Track cog

1 x 2mm hex key
2 x 6mm hex keys
1 x 15mm flat spanner
1 x 19mm flat spanner
1 x track lock ring spanner

  1. Undo the clinch nut set screw using the 2mm hex, unthread the clinch nut then remove the road axle, red seal and shield by pulling from the dive side, retain the clinch nut and red seal and shield (shared parts).
  2. Undo the silver disc 6mm hex bolt from the non-drive axle end opposite the dust cap.
  3. Using a 19mm flat spanner and holding the track axle with a 15mm flat spanner remove the inner knurled washer.
  4. Thread the track axle from the drive side so the black dust cap covers the drive side disc flange and hides the internal ratchet ring.
  5. Thread the clinch nut, snug and then back off 1/8 turn and tighten the 2mm hex set screw to secure.
  6. Tighten the inner knurled washers using a 19mm flat spanner and a 15mm flat spanner to hold the dive side of the axle. Tighten until firm – caution do not over-tighten as you will strip the aluminum threads on the axle.
  7. Remove the carbon tread cover, thread on the track cog and tighten the aluminum lock ring using a track lock ring spanner – do not over-tighten aluminum lock ring and hub threads!
  8. Store the carbon thread cover with the assembled road axle conversion kit for later use.

Model 182 Road Axle Removal and Track Axle Installation

  1. Insert a 5mm hex wrench into each axle end, then loosen and remove the left hand (non-drive side) axle end cap.
  2. Slide the axle and cassette body assembly from the RH (drive side) side of the hub. One 0.25mm shim washers may be present on the axle between the cassette body and hub body…take care not to lose these.
  3. Unscrew the 17mm black steel end cap from the track axle and slide the axle into the cassette side of the hub body. The axle’s black aluminum dust cap should cover the cavity in the hub containing the freewheel ratchet ring.
  4. Screw the end cap onto the axle and tighten with a 17mm wrench while holding the opposite side axle end nut with a 14mm bearing cone wrench.
  5. Lubricate the axle nut threads with grease and screw on track axle nuts.

Model 182 Track Axle Removal and Road Axle Installation

  1. Loosen and unscrew the 17mm black steel end cap from the axle end opposite the track side of the hub.
  2. Slide the track axle from the hub body.
  3. Install the road axle into the cassette body with the stainless steel axle end cap on the side of the cassette body containing the cog lock ring threads.
  4. Install one 0.25mm shim washer(s) on the axle next to the ratchet pawl side of the cassette body.
  5. Slide this assembly into the hub body rotating counter-clockwise to allow the ratchet pawls to pivot down and enter the ratchet ring.
  6. Screw the aluminum end cap onto the axle and tighten to 80 lb-in. using a torque wrench with hex wrench bit while holding the opposite axle end with a standard 5mm hex wrench.