Wheel Care Manual

Congratulations, you have just purchased the most technologically advanced bicycle wheels on the planet.

These wheels represent over 18 years of continuous research and development coupled with real world experience ranging from the Tour de France to the Queen K Highway. Rest assured that your wheelset has been carefully assembled by hand beginning with the finest aerospace grade carbon cloth and aluminum bar stock, transformed into a light weight, super-stiff racing wheelset. At each step of the process all of the parts have been inspected and checked to assure the highest quality, but we would like you to look over the wheels and ensure you are completely satisfied with them.

Please inspect and save all packing materials that came with your wheels, if there is any evident damage to the packaging or to the wheels it is imperative to document it now. If there is a problem due to shipping you must call us immediately at 1-800-447-8372.

Download the Wheel Care Manual for 88/188 hubs, 2009 – current [pdf]

Recommended pressures for tubular Zipp Tangente tires

Rider Weight Front psi (bar) Rear psi (bar)
< 125lbs (< 57kg) 108 (7.45) 112 (7.72)
125-150lbs (57-68kg) 114 (7.86) 118 (8.13)
150-175lbs (68-79.5kg) 114 (7.86) 118 (8.68)
175-200lbs (79.5-91kg) 130 (9) 135 (9.31)
>200lbs (>91kg) 140 (9.72) 145 (10)
Triathon/TT Use Rear Press. Same
Rain or Rough Roads Minus 3-5psi Minus 4-7psi
Indoor Track 145psi (10 bar) 145psi (10 bar)
Outdoor Track Plus 5-7psi* Plus 6-10psi*

* Not to exceed 145psi/10 bar

The above tire inflation pressures are recommended for optimal rolling resistence and grip. These pressures are for room temperature tires and rims. Tire pressures may increase as much as 25psi due to high rim temperatures caused by prolonged braking or as much as 5psi from high ambient or road surface temperatures.