Firestrike™ Technology

Having set the bar on achievable aero efficiency in crosswinds, Zipp's Firecrest rim revolutionized how rims should perform in ever-changing windy conditions. The all-new Firestrike rim is the latest technology built on the same rim patent used in Firecrest. Using Firecrest as a building block, our engineers continued to develop around the principle technologies that made the rim shape great:

  1. Optimizing the rim ID to act as the second leading edge, improving the overall wheel system efficiency in cross winds
  2. Controlling the shedding frequency, resulting in better rider control
  3. Moving the rim system's center of pressure closer to the bike’s steering axis

The evolutionary Firestrike rim profile has a slightly more blunt ID, improving its aero stability across back half of the wheel. When compared with Firecrest, the new modified ID (inside diameter) geometry of Firestrike allows the leading edge of the profile to keep air attached longer thus further easing the transition to the sidewall. Like it’s Firecrest predecessor, Firestrike continues to produce industry leading low drag across all wind angles.

In designing Firestrike, the engineers have looked at how the wheel fits within the bike system holistically. It's not enough to design a wheel with low drag numbers. It is more about how the wheel interacts symbiotically with you and the bike. The best wheel is one that strikes a fine balance between aero efficiency and aero stability.