Track Hubs

Zipp Track Hubs take every feature to the next level of strength, stiffness, and bombproof durability. With a 60mm spoke hole circle diameter and a 15mm oversized solid 17-4 stainless steel axle, a Zipp track hub is both laterally and torsionally stiffer than one constructed with a traditional 47mm diameter hole circle and 1018 steel axle.

Without removing any material from the hub flange, our Spoke Hole Impact Forming Technology improves the grain structure and hardens the alloy around the spoke hole. Using SHIFT and the same exclusive Z310.9 alloy as the 88 and 188 road hubs, our track hub flanges are practically impervious to cracking around the spoke holes with any spoke tension or lacing pattern.

Zipp track hubs front and back
Wheels Utilized In:
404 Track and 808 Track
Front Hub:
Weight 188g
SRAM Compatible Yes
Spoke Counts 20/28/32
Rear Hub:
Weight 188g
SRAM Compatible Yes
Spoke Counts 24/28

Swiss ceramic bearings

These bombproof hub shells ride on ultra-precise Swiss bearings with non-contact shields to eliminate all seal drag. Track hubs are supplied with Zipp's top quality track nuts, which replace the standard serrated interior surfaces with floating washers made of hardened stainless steel. Track cog and lock ring are: 1.375"x24TPI ISO and 1.290"x24TPI LH ISO respectively. Rear nuts are M10x1 and front are M9x1, all threads are ISO threadform, and all parts are roll formed to FED-STD-H28/21 which supersedes MIL spec S7742, and 2x tighter than the ISO allowed tolerance for these parts.

Front & Rear Zipp Track Hubs

Steel Bearings

One thing that has set the Zipp hub apart since the beginning has been the bearing design. Zipp is the only company in the world specifying Swiss made ball bearing cartridges, but these are not even standard Swiss made cartridges, they are highly specialized. Since most stock bearings of the size used in bicycle hubs come from the machine industry, they are invariably designed for higher rotational speeds and generally lower loading, and usually no shock loading. Working with a family-owned Swiss bearing manufacturer, Zipp is able to define certain key criteria to bearing smoothness and long life, and develop the finest cartridge bearing every introduced into the cycling industry.

Wire EDM

Electron Discharge Machining allows us to cut the materials for our rear hub drive internals after they’ve been hardened through heat treating, negating the warping and imprecision caused by the heat treating process.