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840 Tubular 650c

Zipp is in the business of helping people win races, and some people use smaller wheels. So we've scaled down the classic 900 to accommodate 650c riders who are just as worthy of a disc that's wickedly fast, freakishly light and offers an incredibly smooth ride. Now that you're on an even aero-playing field, the competition better look out.

Recommended and approved brake pads


Rear wheel  $1,848, €1,666

Set Weight 890g
Rim Width 15.75mm
Rear Wheel
Weight 890g
Max Width 21mm
Nominal Tire Bed Width 15.7mm
Track Adaptable Yes
Dimpled Surface Yes
Ceramic Bearing After-market installation
ABLC™  (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control)

Advanced Boundary Layer Control (ABLC) refers to the patented and instantly recognizable dimpled pattern found on all of our carbon rims. ABLC smoothes airflow across the rim's surface and is tailored to every model from the 202 to the Super-9 Disc. The third-generation of ABLC has up to four times more dimples than before.

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VCLC™  (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control)

Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control (VCLC) uses a vibration-absorbing material sandwiched between layers of rigid carbon laminate in the rim. When the wheel receives an impact from the road, much of the shock is absorbed by the VCLC system, delivering a 10% reduction in vibration.

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Carbon Bridge™

Carbon Bridge uses a Kevlar® thread in a co-axial helix stitch to bind sheets of carbon to each other in our tubular rims. Because Kevlar is 350% more impact resistant than carbon, it can disperse shock more evenly throughout the carbon laminate, making for a rim that is practically bulletproof. In particular, Carbon Bridge reduces the vulnerability of the rim's tire bed, the area most susceptible to damage from impact.

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