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Team Issue

Note: This wheel is no longer in production and last made in 2010. It has been replaced by the Zipp 101 and Zipp 30 wheel sets. Zipp will continue to support this item through our dealer channel.

Although our pro cyclists and triathletes have nearly unlimited access to the latest technology from Zipp and other sponsors, many of them are decidedly old-school when it comes to equipment for their daily training grind. They requested a traditional yet race-worthy clincher wheelset, and we delivered the Team Issue.

These wheels are built around Zipp's 108 and 208 hubs, the predecessors to the 88 and 188 that we introduced in 2009. Although the newer model is slightly lighter and stiffer, the 108 and 208 are built around the same industry-leading technologies. We produce the rear hub internals using a wire EDM process that lets us machine 50% harder materials at tolerances 20 times greater than standard machining and heat treating. Both front and rear include Swiss-made steel bearings two-and-a-half times rounder than the industry standard and as precise as many ceramic upgrades.

The Team Issue's custom-designed rims, also Swiss-made, have precisely parallel machined braking surfaces with Zipp's exclusive brake wear indicators and single-wall eyelets that save weight and add strength relative to double-walls. CX-Ray spokes round out the package.

With all these high-tech features and a total weight under 1500g, the Team Issue is arguably as well suited to racing as it is to year-round, all-weather 5 hour training rides.

Set Weight 1498g
Front Wheel
Weight 704g
Rim Used TI Clincher
Hub Used 108
Spoke Count 28
Spoke Pattern 2 Cross
Spoke Length 284mm
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Track Adaptable Yes
Dimpled Surface No
Ceramic Bearing After-market installation
Rear Wheel
Weight 794g
Hub Used 208
Rim Used TI Clincher
Spoke Count 32
Spoke Length Non-Drive 290mm
Spoke Pattern Non-Drive 3 Cross
Spoke Length Drive 286mm
Spoke Pattern Drive 3 Cross
Max Tire Pressure 125psi
Track Adaptable No
Dimpled Surface No
Ceramic Bearing After-market installation
Shift™  (Spoke Hole Impact Forming Technology)

Spoke Hole Impact Forming Technology is a radical manufacturing process. At the heart of SHIFT is a proprietary alloy called Z310.9 that’s nearly twice the strength and more crack resistant in hub flanges than the commonly used 6061 alloy.

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